Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Benefits to gain by attending career events. And other exciting announcements.

We don't know the case with others, but for us, it's difficult to imagine more stressful situations than to be stuck in a career rut. It may be because we're writers of career (of course, we don't share our views with everyone), but well, this is our blog. We're free to say whatever we want as much as you're free to criticise us.

So, are you having difficulties with your job hunting or career building? Whether you're a job hunter or a working professional, this blog is a good place to look for career resources to use. But you may be asking... how can we answer the career queries of both career builders and job seekers in just one post?

Though we're not into assumptions, we're eying our experience on career conversations as the key to this task. Many months of engaging in discourse has us realise that for most job hunters, competition causes the problem. For career professionals, it's when they don't know how to go further in their careers anymore due to many things.

By offering the latest seminars by Career Events and LearningDB.com, it's like we're addressing both scenarios in one go. You can say that this is only coincidence doing us a favor, but the goals of both these learning arms of JobsDB.com Singapore have long been sworn and that fact can't be discounted. They've long been offering career seminars and training opportunities for those who need it: it's a matter of whether people are willing to participate in the events or not. The key to brace the competition is to make oneself desirable than most -- one thing that attending learning events can add to your credentials. For career building, any rut can be solved by attending career events -- they're enough to re-awaken anyone's motivation.

There are many things for you to gain by attending career events. Now, are we good? Ready for our offerings?

Career Events' November offering is designed for job hunters. Impress Your Prospective Employers with Your Resume will equip you the necessary knowledge and skills on resume writing to embark on your path of career success. But of course, this shouldn't discourage working professionals to also join the session. Use the additional knowledge to carve your way to a higher position. The date to mark is Nov 20. More details at www.jobsdb.com.sg/StaticContent/SG/CareerEvents/events/Impress-your-prospective-employers-with-your-resume.htm.

Something you should do ASAP: pass www.learningdb.com.sg/default.htm#November to your boss. Our reason for this shameless promotion? Many seminars are scheduled to have their first sessions this Nov. In other words, a number of new things to look forward to from LearningDB.com will be presenting themselves for the first time this month. Of course, there will be the staples e.g. Effective Technical Writing Skills (Nov 12), Strategic Pricing & Costing (Nov 15-16), and Polished Presentation Skills (Nov 16). But you really should look forward to attending Personal Excellence in the Workplace (Nov 26) and The Millionaire Mind Intensive (Nov 26-28).

More tools? If you've been our follower since a long time ago, you should already know that JobsDB.com Singapore is not just about jobs. Have you tried using our other job seeker tools aside from Find Jobs? Upload Resume to get discovered by top employers, read Career Advice to learn of more ways to achieve career success, and visit NewsWatch regularly to find out the latest goings on in the Singapore Job Market. One place for everything you need for your career. You don't have a reason to not have www.jobsdb.com.sg/Singapore in your bookmark list.

And of course, there's JobsDB Campus. The place to look for fresh graduate jobs, student jobs and advice for students. We've made updates. Have you visited www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/StaticContentFullContainer/Campus/default.htm lately?

And because we missed you guys so much... Off to the announcements. Good and exciting announcements!

Thanks for making uShoot, uPost & uWin a success! Results will be announced 1 week later so stay tuned!

New contest! In line with our latest survey pursuit (poll's still open...so you can still vote if you want to), JobsDB.com Singapore is kicking off our first ever Dream Job Contest! We're asking job seekers all over Singapore what their dream job is. So what's yours? An Event Planner Job? A Writing Job? A TV Job? Or perhaps it's a Career in Hotel? Write to us and stand a chance to win S$388. 10 winners will be selected. Share us your thoughts at www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/en/StaticContentFullContainer/dream-job/what-is-your-dream-job.htm. We'll orient you about this more within the week.

New jobs from our database. Because really, Find Jobs is never at rest. New Civil Service Jobs, Secretarial Jobs, Advertising Jobs, Legal Jobs, Manufacturing Jobs, and Sciences Jobs have just been added to our database. Visit www.jobsdb.com.sg/SG/EN/Search/NewAdvanceSearch for more Singapore openings.

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