Friday, November 12, 2010

Looking for a job? Singapore Jobs Update. What's going on in Singapore's working realm?

We're back to being logical! But it feels rather weird. It's just too good to be true... to be praised like that and all, by many people. Really, we're torn between enjoying the monopoly of attention and being completely, no-reason-to-sugarcoat-it embarrassed about it.

Not that we still doubt ourselves despite the many realisations we've had these past few days, but we guess, we just don't like praising ourselves too much. Even if everything's pointing towards that kind of reaction. We're just meek like that.

It's not that we've achieved sanity just now, though. We've been writing about career for quite sometime now for one.

Taking it with a grain of salt, the fiasco was probably the doing of something we didn't have anything to do. So, 'merely playing incredulous' is a more appropriate description of ourselves that time than 'being dumb'... we think.

We understood all the right things, yet none of the important things . Or maybe we just did not recognise what was important to others might be different from what was merely for their own good. Nevertheless, all those insecurities are gone now and we're off to prove it again today.

Fridays are for Singapore job we're betting you'd stay until the end. Do you promise to read everything we'll be writing here and afterwards, drop a comment?

Not that we're pressuring you, but you probably get the drift. We'll largely appreciate it if you deliver to the request. Anyway, let's get the important things over with.

But wait, we feel it's necessary to make this little confession before presenting the findings. To convince you to read until the end even more. You have to know that...

... we look forward to Fridays the most. Not that we hate providing career advice, though. Sometimes, the pressure just burns. We have a very healthy history of mental masochism, yet look at us now, admitting to this weakness, one that's so uncharacteristic it'll get anyone shocked. So, do read until the end, please.

Anyway, let's go to the Singapore Jobs.

Based on what we've read from news sources, it seems that the industries of Agriculture, Telecommunications, and Banking are in for a steady growth, with very favorable prospects up their sleeves. So we say, there's going to be enough Singapore Banking Jobs, Jobs in Agriculture, and Telecom Jobs for everyone until the next year.

Singapore casinos are also doing well and we're eying a steady influx of Jobs in Hospitality via Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands until the next quarter.

Another industry that's worth to note is Marine, with Sembcorp Industries gracing the spotlight. The company has posted a strong jump in its net profits for the third quarter and is eyed to continue doing so until the next. Marine Jobs, anyone?

And because Find Jobs is also a good reference for the Singapore job market, this will not be complete without citing its latest top jobs. Media Jobs, Retail Jobs, Sales Jobs, and Marketing Jobs in Singapore are currently at the forefront, alongside the undying staples that are Accounting Jobs, HR Jobs, Admin Jobs, Engineering Jobs and IT Jobs in Singapore.

And of course...other announcements. Because Singapore cares for your fun as well.

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