Friday, November 5, 2010

Updates on the SG job market: Construction Jobs, Insurance Jobs, IT Jobs, Manufacturing Jobs, and more.

Blink. Blink. Blink. Goes the typing cursor of Microsoft Word.

Seriously, we're feeling rather empty today. Perhaps it's the doing of writer's block, but don't worry...we don't give up easily. Plus the fact that we consider this blog as the center of our lives (call us weird or what, but really, updating is a priority because we know people read us). Rest assured, albeit the writing problem and all, we'll do everything to accomplish this task as smoothly as possible. can a battle against writer's block go 'as smoothly as possible'? We don't know either (apparently, verbal diarrhea is a side effect of this painful repression), but here's the thing, even if we had to play matadors or storm a guarded castle just so we could come up with something logical, we'd take those odds. Here we go again with our heroic rumbles, but really, that's how devoted we are in keeping you informed and educated.

Okay, enough with the romanticism. Today is Friday (for the forgetful souls, every Friday we give Singapore job updates), so there's enough resources to squeeze out words from. So don't give us that look. But please do bear with us as this brain surgery is going to be painful.

So, are we giving good news or bad news? We've never been bearers of bad news, so yes, please continue reading. This is not going to make you feel bummed or whatever, promise. Though we're negative thinkers in a general sense (are there optimistic writers out there, anyway?), we know how to see the silver linings of situations. Off with the findings...

If it's about plans for improvement, it's worth the mention on this blog. For the betterment of construction jobs and property jobs in Singapore: We've read from The Straights Times that MOM will make 1,000 checks on construction work sites over the next three months. Something that'll bid incidences of deaths by fall goodbye.

That and the fact that Singapore construction jobs are never out of the limelight should be enough to motivate job seekers in the field to give more for their job hunting pursuits. Give it all you've got. The economy's by your side.

The insurance industry continues to thrive, according to More and more people are growing conscious towards the unforeseen; the industry is currently in a great shape and is forecasted to stay the same in the coming months. Insurance positions offer a great future, that having said. Are insurance jobs the new accounting jobs? By the looks of it, we say, it's on its way.

This another interesting bit we've read from The Straights Times: According to a report from World Bank, Singapore is the nation with the most business-friendly regulation. Cited as a global leader in the field of IT, it's no wonder, IT Jobs are never out of fashion in this side of the world.

Manufacturing is another industry that's worthy to be mentioned here. According to a Wednesday report from The Straights Times, the industry has experienced a surprise expansion last month, rising 1.2 points to 50.7, according to the Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM). More manufacturing jobs, anyone?

And bits from our database! Really, it's a good reference for the doings of the Singapore job market. The Singapore jobs that are currently in vast numbers in our database (aside from the staples, of course) are the following: bank jobs, teacher jobs, nurse jobs, and sales jobs. Looking to have a banking work, career in education, nurse position, or sales career in Singapore? Looks like you're in for a productive weekend of job hunting.

Other important announcements...

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