Friday, November 19, 2010

Looking for a job? More prospects to consider. *News about the job market.

We write in patters for a reason. So don't get the idea that something's preventing us from talking about other things on this blog aside from job hunting, resume writing, job interviewing, and career building. You know, the usual boring stuff. It's work, and you don't have to free our writing souls from anything evil.

And hey, it's not like we don't take breathers. If you're a regular visitor to this little space on the internet, you should know. Heck, we've done it many times before. Now, please assist us on proving that to the others.

No really. Kidding aside, breathers are a temptation for us, judging by the fact that our backdrop is one that's about a serious side of life that's never at rest. Is it time yet for an other breather? Are our readers already choking with seriousness? We always ask ourselves.

Granted, the kind of schedule we keep makes it almost impossible for the temptation to obstruct normalcy out of us. But still, it's getting harder every day to ignore, and we just have to share this before another one from our audience raises an eyebrow and complain about inconsistency.

So there. Sounds like we're just delaying the inevitable, but really, we're serious. We hate failing people, in general, much more our followers. That's how special you guys are to us.

And so we're stopping before it gets any more dramatic. Today's Friday, so we're supposed to be ecstatic. The latest buzz on Singapore jobs right here!

Despite the "stops" and all that have happened in certain industries, we don't see anything that job seekers, career changers, and working professionals should be worried about. Judging by what we've found out from news sources, it seems that the job market is really doing well and the echoing worries are probably just an alienated response to the still stiff competition for jobs.

Our findings?

The economy is seen growing by a good percentage in 2011, to be escorted by the services sector. Described as robust by experts, the industries of hospitality, education, transportation, and retail are in for a steady growth. It's safe to assume that there will be no shortage for hotel jobs, food jobs, casino jobs, driver jobs, transportation jobs, teacher jobs, and retail jobs in Singapore during the first quarter of next year and hopefully, beyond. Public service careers are also cited to be aplenty until 2011.

Good news for job seekers and career changers in the manufacturing and finance services sectors: Experts are expecting full recovery for these two come next year, supported by restocking activities of several companies and resilience of core banking. A spark of hope for those with careers built upon manufacturing jobs and finance jobs in singapore.

A boost for the aviation industry: Minister in the Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister for Finance and Transport, Lim Hwee Hua has announced how she plans to address the expected shortage of manpower in the aviation industry in the next 10 years. The Aviation Manpower Program that will be launched next month is expected to attract, develop, and retain talent. Better prospects for aviation jobs?

More jobs! If you want to know what's going on in Singapore's working realm, consult Find Jobs and you'll get accurate figures. Not that we're desperate for clicks, though. Really, it's that accurate.

Alongside the staples that are accounting jobs, banking jobs, engineering jobs, and IT jobs in Singapore, the jobs that are currently in good numbers in our database are Singapore insurance jobs, building jobs, science jobs, media jobs, and property jobs. Check them out for more prospects.

Other important announcements!

Just in case you haven't noticed yet, our editors have just posted a new survey question. We'd like to know...what is the dominant factor determining your choice to join or stay with an employer? Is it salary? Or perhaps it's all about opportunities for advancement? Or maybe good reputation and strong corporate culture? Cast your vote now! Feel free to use the comments section below if you want to explain your answer.

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