Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To quit or not to quit? Beating stress and acknowledging work life balance.

For some reason, we feel compelled to make a follow up on yesterday's discussion about resume marketing. It's not that we've nothing better to discuss for today, though, nor are we feeling guilty about something. Playing with words is a hobby of ours, but we're not careless. And besides, you know how strict our calendar is, right?

So are we succumbing to the temptation (because really, making follow ups is free press)? Ugh, no. Opportunities to write are sacred and our mailbox is always getting new career questions. You do the math.

Plus, we do like talking about stress.

Although it may not seem like it, we've been in love with the topic of stress management since ages. Granted, we haven't written anything about it since that great fiasco on work life balance a month ago. But well, does a busy schedule count as a reason? And then, there's also the fact that we work closely with a mailbox that's never at rest.

Anyway, we do admit to having been unfair with our topic choices these past few weeks, serving mostly job seekers. So, career professionals, both career changers and career builders, allow us to catch up with this.

We're no longer suffering from writer's block (or so we'd like to believe), so hopefully, although we're not experts to the topic yet as we are to job hunting, resume writing, and career management, we'll have you satisfied in the end.

One follower of ours has asked: Given good salary: Is it still worth to stay in a job, despite the stress? There's no definite answer to this question, we're telling you. And because no preferences are the same, evaluations should ONLY come from your work values and ideas of success. Never let others dictate. It's all about your career.

Also, although it has become tamer since late last year, it's still imperative that you consider the conditions of the job market.

Career Advice has everything, from job hunting to career planning. It enables us to play consultants on our social media pages to help our followers. Definitely, it's a good place to look for answers to common career questions. And if the question is about whether or not to quit because of stress, it's not just good place to consult, but an excellent one. The line up includes articles from certified career coaches, experts and consultants from here and abroad.

If you're a regular visitor to this blog, you should know that we don't like bumming our readers with too much information. All for their convenience and quick reference so they can get started right away. That SOP is what we'll be using to showcase the best of when it comes to the topic of thinking of quitting because of stress.

So, shall we begin?

One question: Are there no other options aside from quitting? Before deciding the next step, we want you to contemplate on your situation.

Perhaps, you're just bored with your job? Not that we're saying you lack initiative to seek answers, though. It's just that the competition in the job market has gone so stiff, one ought to make decisions carefully.

If boredom is really your case, then don't. Autopilot Syndrome isn't that hard to combat in the first place. "Actively thinking about what is challenging and meaningful to you will inspire purpose in your work", according to popular speaker, Jody Urquhart. List down the things that make your job challenging. "In jobs, as in love, it's very important for the pendulum to swing back.You need to work to regain the exhilaration of the first stage", according to professional speaker, Patricia Fripp.

Or is your reasoning graver than that? Perhaps, it has something to do with career freedom?

"Give yourself a gift every day", career expert, Cathy Goodwin wants you to consider. Sometimes, thinking simple does more.

Quite obviously, our advice to the question is, "It depends". "Nothing good happens fast", according to Kamal Kant, a career coach and a favourite on Career Advice. Did your stress stem from the slowness of your progress in the position? Consider giving it more time. After all, a good salary is a good salary.

If quitting is really want you want to do, we suggest you do it with grace. Exit but still be friends with everyone. If nothing else, badmouthing can be detrimental to your job search. And yes, feel free to browse Find Jobs for Singapore Jobs as much as you like.

In line with these points...

How a recent survey by our editors about flexible working hours has turned is one proof that there's now an increased awareness for work life balance. If you're a traditional manager, please consider loosening your grip a bit to prevent efficiency problems.

We want you to read the following for further understanding:


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And now, the real reason behind all the whatnot.

Yes, your guess is right. This has been done to serve as a companion piece to our parent website's latest survey. Have you voted? Again, we promote: What is the dominant factor determining your choice to join or stay with an employer?
  • Salary
  • Opportunities for Advancement
  • Good Reputation
  • Strong Corporate Culture
Salary is leading by a great mile. Do you think so too? Or did this post change your mind?

Cast your vote at Feel free to use the comments section if you want to elaborate on your answer.


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