Friday, November 26, 2010

Looking for a job in Singapore?

One burning question: Do we make sense?

Insecurities. They make everything drop. Even a newly powered up bar of motivation. And right now, we're on the verge of a game over.

We've been exchanging emails with people for many months now. It hasn't failed to disguise our Esotericism yet, proof that to continue is a must. Did that surprise you? If yes, then it's just that effective in covering up our inborn deviance.

All's well in the world...err, not always. Just as there is a black sheep in every herd, there's one that's defamatory in every 100 mails we receive. This one that came in our mailbox on Linkedin last night is worth more than our usual 'shrug it off' reaction to insults.

It was unfair, to say the least. Insults are insults and can never be the same with constructive criticisms. Good thing we've the ability to see the silver lining on bad things, and said ability is preventing us from completly breaking apart.

Nevertheless, at least that was a good learning experience. Rest assured, we'll have it filed for future reference.

It's a curious thing that bad things usually strike us on a Friday, the day which we're supposed to be static, given that it's Singapore job updates day in our rulebook. Anyway, let's get to the jobs. It's probably just part of life and we better end the rants now before another one from our audience decides to drop a bomb. Now, that would be fatal, considering our current injury.

So, the Jobs in Singapore.

We don't see anything that job seekers of Singapore Hotel Jobs, Hospitality Jobs, Food Jobs, Casino Jobs, and Resort Jobs should be worried about: The Singapore tourism industry is doing really well. It's even foreseen by experts to experience more growth come next year. It's what the news is telling, and that's not surprising considering that Jobs in Hospitality have remained as top jobs in our database for many months now, since the middle of this year, echoing the openings of Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. So, they're pretty much covered...nothing to worry about getting caught up in vain or something to that effect.

Hays Singapore's latest Quarterly Report has shared that the industries of Accounting, Banking, Construction, IT, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, and Property are to remain competent until the next quarter. Amidst the competition, there will be enough Singapore Banking Jobs, Accountant Jobs, Construction Jobs, Sales Jobs, Marketing Jobs, and IT Jobs for everyone. Another good news.

We're avid news readers. We've started the habit since ages and that fact is probably enough to make you believe our claim that Find Jobs is a good reference for the Singapore jobs market. And considering we've been fairly consistent on using it for introduction...

Anyway, a Singapore job update will not be complete without bits from the section. From the looks of it, job seekers are in for a very productive weekend of job applications. Indulge on these: Fresh Graduate Jobs, Medical Jobs, Secretary Jobs, Web Design Jobs, Property Jobs, and Engineer Jobs in Singapore. Don't hesitate to...

Other announcements you ought to read (and consider joining, or availing, or whatever).

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The Millionaire Mind Intensive is already ongoing. This notice is supposed to remind you just in case you actually signed up and forgot. =) You might want to check out it's updated calendar for more training opportunities!

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