Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dealing with stress during career advancement. -Part 2 of 2-

Yesterday, we talked about stress in relation to having a dirty desk. Today, we'll discuss work life balance, office politics, getting a coach, and happy thoughts.

Having a healthy work life balance is a great way to get rid of stress. Schedule your tasks to be able to work more efficiently. You can avoid overtimes and "homeworks" by doing that. Time management will do wonders. A daily planner, for instance, can help you see your work in perspective. It will also assist you in dividing large projects into smaller ones, when the situation calls for such an action.

Be at home when at home. Do not let work stress ruin your family life. Use your time at home to unwind. Go out with your family for some amusement or if you prefer the comforts of home, watch movies with them or play board games --anything that could get your mind off of office-related things.

Unlike other causes of stress, you can't do anything to get rid of annoying co-workers.
Just pretend that their influences don't exist. They are gossiping about you? Let that motivate you to improve your performance. Impress your boss by showing him that you are professional when it comes to handling office politics, despite the stress it brings.

If your brand of stress can't be fixed by personal adjustments, we suggest you get a coach. This may cost money but the additional benefits make every cent worth it. With a career coach, not only will you get your stress problems fixed with tested stress busting techniques but also learn how to manage goals properly.

Another thing that you can do to fight off stress is to enroll yourself to relaxation practices. Do yoga, three times a week after work, for example. Or if you don't want to spend, listen to classic music while driving back home.

And lastly, free your mind from anything negative while at work. Always think happy thoughts, as a popular saying goes. Your desk may be organized or you may be good at scheduling, but if you keep on blabbering about traffic and your inconsiderate neighbors, what's the point? Focus on the positive aspects of your work. However, if your job is really eating you out, don't hesitate to plan to transfer roles within the company.

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