Monday, March 21, 2011

Learning and development.

We guess, we're officially back? Our schedule has been quite hectic these past few weeks, so we hope you guys understand our position right now... why it's only now that we've talked like this unlike before. But well, it's not like we've completely abandoned this little space on the web. Right? Right?

Anyway, since it's Monday and we've no backlogs to mind, we might as well make this a full blown reminder of what and Career Events have scheduled for the last week of March.

In particular, has many career seminars scheduled for this week, and at the forefront are Speak English with Confidence & Writing Back to Customers Effectively. If you have a customer service job or technical support job and your team is in need of training opportunities, these two can provide your team its much needed boost in work performance or more.

For those with secretary jobs or admin jobs, this classic by Shirley Taylor is a must-attend. Shirley's going to have another session of Success Skills for Secretaries and Support Staff this coming March 23.

Other learning opportunities to take note of:

22 Mar Energise Your E-mail Writing Skills
23 Mar Success Skills for Secretaries and Support Staff
23 Mar Professional Image: Your Roadmap to Success
23 Mar Mind Mapping at Work
23-24 Mar Speak English with Confidence
24 Mar The Art of Collecting Debts Through the Telephone
24 Mar Master your Minute Writing
25 Mar Writing Back to Customers Effectively

What about Career Events? It is sponsoring Career Expo 2011, so you better come to the job fair if you don't want to miss a lot of advancement opportunities. We'll see you there right? Singapore
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