Friday, March 18, 2011

Fresh graduates, read this. How you can go about the school to work world transition smoothly. (Part 3 of 5)

Why this post? It wasn't that we intended to make a fuzz. The plan was really to get today over with by instigating another lighthearted conversation. But we HAVE to make a follow up on our fresh graduates series today. As you know, finishing it is a bigger priority and we just happen to forget. How about we suspend the talk until Monday next week? It figures that our workload will be lighter next, yes, will you wait?

Anyway, we don't want to grumble anymore. What's part three about? We're done talking about choosing job ads to apply to and resume writing. You ought to know what's the next step.

From school to the work world -- 'tis a very crucial transition. But there's no reason for you to freak out; just follow what your seniors and the career experts are telling. Singapore wants to make things easier for you and so here's a detailed outline of the steps that you'll have to pass to get to your destination.

STEP THREE: Prepare for job interviews

Don't be surprised, but we only have one thing to say regarding this: Preparation is the key. Too troublesome? You won't want to put to waste all the editing you've done in step two. Here's the thing, to get yourself to formulate good answers, you need to research. Practising will prevent you from fidgeting and give you a self confident brand, which is good.

Employers also give importance to punctuality. Preparing in terms of what you'll wear for the appointment and how to get to the office in question the day before can do wonders.

How can researching help you make good answers? It will teach you how to answer the most common interview questions properly, for one. Researching will also help you incorporate the pursuits of the company interviewing you with your own.

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