Friday, March 4, 2011

Why preparation is essential in the interview phase of job hunting. -part 3 of 3- Plus, updates on Singapore jobs.

If you pay attention to our blog or read it once in a while, you may know why we're strong advocates of preparation. Being specific is the safest strategy to embrace. Many tips are available on excelling job interviews as much as the other topic, but only a few can prove to be good to your pursuit. Ignore the rest of the others or you'll blow up your chance of getting the job altogether. We're not saying don't read and follow tips, but use only the ones you think go along well with the preferences of the company that has invited you and of course, yours.

Research about the company so that you'll know how you can incorporate your goals with theirs. To accomplish this, there’s the need for you to study your resume carefully as well. We also want you to take the time to know about the most common job interview questions. You never know -- recruiters like using these questions because they make everything faster.


Because we can't let the week pass without giving you updates.... That's public service at its finest.

Anyway, we've read about the plans of Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to boost the construction industry. This is good news for job hunters of building jobs and construction jobs, needless to say. We're pretty excited to share this because well, we haven't written about this industry for a long time. Here's to cheer you guys up.

The most aggressive employers are the IRs, which are continuously looking for ways to further their services. Resorts World Sentosa, in particular, is looking to fill more or less 1,000 job positions in time for the launch of its oceanarium.

Financial services jobs are also in demand, a nod to the fact that the consumer banking business has grown 17% last year.

As for other important things...

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