Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking to move your career forward? Contemplate on these questions. -part 1 of 2-

We're back! So...what's up. Did you miss us? Heh. We're just trying to lighten up the mood before we go on with the serious stuff, so we won't cause too much stress. Not that stress is a bad thing, though; remember what we said the last time, no, two weeks ago? Silver lining POV: stress is a sign that your career is advancing.

Anyway, today's agenda has nothing to do with stress management, so we might as well stop now. What are we set to talk about, anyway? We're thinking of using reverse psychology again: instead of answering career questions, it would probably make more dent if we're the ones to ask them. We'd like to call this portion... " would like to ask..."

What do you want for your future?
We all have plans for the future -- we want you to polish yours to make them full time goals. Because they denote vision and initiative, goals have a lot to do with your career. They say that those with goals are more likely to succeed than those without. Goals keep schedules organized, need we say more?

How do you find your current salary? Good enough or too low? If yours is low, how are you planning to double it?
In topics involving career, salary talks is never out of question. Salary is what motivates some people into working, in the first place. How about you? But regardless of how you view salary in your career, your paycheck should be respectful of your skills set and experience as a professional. Research. If the result of your research suggests that you deserve more, set a meeting with your boss.

Are you ready for the risks?
Career moves involve risks. But always playing safe will not do your career any good. Remember that nothing is obtained without sacrifices. If you think it’s for the good, go for it.

Are you open to taking "outside" assignments?
Versatility is what we're hinting in this question. Just like organization and initiative, versatility is also a top consideration in employee evaluations. But there's a limit to this. If your current schedule allows outside tasks, then good for you. If not, forcing it open will only make the wound worse. We suggest you do alternatives. One good suggestion is bringing in more inputs to meetings, which brings us to...

Do you read the news?
Periodicals are great career resources. You can get a lot from habitually reading news, but the biggest benefit of doing this is it will help you formulate logical suggestions for meetings.

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