Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why preparation is essential in the interview phase of job hunting. -part 2 of 3-

Highlights: "Should you come early or just at the right time?" || "To dress up or go for the safest pieces in your wardrobe?" || "Should you talk about your hobbies too or just focus on your strengths?"

It's a standard for critics to say that "the bar has been set awfully low", when expressing disregard on some field whose past products, most of them, are in the low quality side. The bar is what denotes "the standard" or what measures good and bad and right and wrong on the field from which the thing they're reviewing traces its roots. In job interview, it seems that there's no bar to begin with... which brings to table our issue. There are no safe grounds due to an absence of something to refer to as a standard… it seems. This can only mean two things to the average job hunter: "confusion" and ""panic". Who is to be trusted?

If you'd ask a hundred recruiters the question of "Should you come early or just at the right time?", you'd most likely get a 50-50 response. Some recruiters think that it's better to be too early than late, but others think that seeing the candidate earlier than them is pressuring. And that's not the only question where recruiters are divided by opinion.

Should you outdress everyone or go for a semi formal abode to avoid catching too much attention? Should you talk about your hobbies too or just focus on your strengths? These are just some of the many job interview questions that recruiters have different views on, properly endorsing the fact that there is no standard rule when it comes to acing a job interview. To swim in the middle? In today's competitive job market, that's really not something good.

Tomorrow, we'll have this complete. Plus, of course, some updates on Singapore jobs. In the meantime, read these career resources:

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