Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why preparation is essential in the interview phase of job hunting. -Introduction-

The truly stressing thing about the job interview phase of job hunting is that, there’s no easy way out of it. The phase calls for extra precaution on the part of the job seeker. Do everything seriously (and with extra precaution, for that matter) or end up plummeting to a dead end situation. As far as tips on the subject matter are concerned, only a few can be called "universal", unlike in the resume writing realm where it’s less stressing to choose which to follow: tips like "don't go for bullets" and "highlight your achievements and objectives" are being cited by experts and recruiters like they're common knowledge, like they’re a universal belief.

We should probably start this article with a disclaimer: We've always had a thing about job hunting, and over the years have developed a penchant for job interview as a topic of discourse. Not that we don't acknowledge "arrive early" and "dress to impress" as relevant tips (clearly, they're as popular as the resume writing points we've mentioned in the paragraph above), but we've observed: recruiters have deviating views on the topic of job interview, unlike in the other phases where at least they have two or three points that match. It's a part of our job to interview career experts on a regular basis... so yes, we know. Plus the fact that we often receive mails from job seekers asking our opinion on which tip is more likely to harvest them gold, this and that.

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