Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's up with the new 'Career Positioning' campaign?

We've been talking a lot about 'career positioning' lately, urging jobseekers to be targeted in their applications. Similarly, we've been busy asking career builders to get their goals straight once and for all. If you've been with us since the very beginning, you should know that this is being done with intent. And we're going to keep up with it for as long as it takes to get satisfying results.

Although we give as much importance to the virtue of variability as interactivity as far as this blog is concerned, we've come into a (rather delayed) conclusion that repetition is a good teacher. If you want to make people remember something, gentle reminders are the way to go.

But of course, we're aware that overdoing it could potentially lead to a decrease in the number of our followers. That's why we think of different ways to get the point across. Last Friday, we did a survey (Which is still open, BTW). The other day, we listed questions that some of our followers might be confused about. It's all about pre-suppositions... and hoping that your wild guess applies to some of the people within your social circles. And then, a conversation of some sort is born.

By principle, this is not the least bit easy. And there's no assurance that the conversation you've successfully instigated will go on for more than a week. So, there. Our writing jobs are not easy and we can only hope for your undying participation.

Nevertheless, we don't intend on bumming you with a complicated discussion today, so don't worry. Actually, we're only tasked to inform you about the 'latests' from our editors at, in case you haven't visited in a while. Just recently, our editors uploaded press releases from Hays Singapore and Robert Half concerning their recent findings in the Singapore jobs market and the overall standing of Singapore jobs. In particular, banking jobs and financial jobs are those in the spotlight. If you're job hunting in this industry, you shouldn't be having a hard time.

The links:

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