Thursday, September 8, 2011

Singapore jobs update

It has been a while since we last made an update about the Singapore jobs market. We may be messy writers, but we know (and admit to) our shortcomings.

You have to understand that making updates about Singapore jobs is our main task on Facebook and Twitter everyday. Since we are all about achieving variety over here, the news naturally doesn't come up as a possible source of topic whenever we brainstorm for this blog.

Of course this won't happen if only we keep a schedule for this blog (given our many job responsibilities) or at least, a list of what to and what not to write. Then again, we're messy and you know it.

Shame on the ramblings, but it's only necessary to do. And before you get more frustrated on us, the thing is, there is talent shortage in the industries of Finance and Accounting. What we have now is a jobseeker market where Singapore employers find hiring skilled accounting and finance professionals a big challenge. With this, the experts predict that there will be enough Singapore banking jobs and accounting jobs for everyone for the next 6 months.

If you're job hunting in the sector of finance or accounting but having a hard time landing a job, something is definitely wrong with what you're doing. Maybe you aren't highlighting your technical skills enough? Do you make sure that your resume is spotless and highlights your very best skills before sending it?

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