Tuesday, September 13, 2011


"JobsDB is the No.1 jobsite in Asia Pacific, offering over tens of thousands of job opportunities every day."

We couldn't have said it better. By now, it should be glaringly obvious to you that everyone at JobsDB is workaholic, from the admin to the sales and marketing departments. All of this is to help Singapore employers with their hiring processes. For jobseekers, good work is ensured so that they'd not have a hard time landing a job even though the competition in the Singapore jobs market is impossibly tight.

Why the sudden advertorial? This actually should have gone with our announcement concerning the recent facelift of sg.jobsdb.com. To call this blogging effort sudden is outright wrong. No important backlogs, whatsoever. And anyway, we're still gathering responses from our recent survey pursuit.

Speaking of that survey, it isn't actually doing very good. And so, we ask you to ask your friends who are also job hunting to take part in it. Although there are no prizes involved, you can be sure that we'll give all we've got with our replies.

Leave the prize-giving to Spot and Win by spotting taxis with JobsDB stickers wrapped around them on the road. Contest's still ongoing, just go here for more information: http://engage.sg.jobsdb.com/SG/spot-and-win/

Our database has just received new Accounting Jobs, Admin Jobs, Engineering Jobs, Education Jobs, and Telecom Jobs. Be sure to check them out.