Thursday, September 15, 2011

Identifying Suitable Job Opportunities

You may be wondering what has begotten our little survey pursuit after three days. The truth is, it seems to be stuck at 14. Of course, you can help us to improve this measly number by telling your Singapore jobseeker friends to take part as well. Nevertheless, even though (again-- we're getting tired of writing these types of disclaimers, really) 14 is very far from being a 'professional sample', for the sake of giving you updates, we're doing this. Rather unsurprisingly, the aspect of job hunting that so far has the most response count is 'Identifying Suitable Job Opportunities'. Because we're in a country whose job market is a wonderland for all nationalities, we kind of expected this kind of trend.

The sub-category of "Are you a member of If yes, how do you make use of its database?" so far has the most responses. Of course, this surprised us. We'd like to think that the jobs database of is the most user-friendly there is; thus, jobseekers shouldn't find it hard to navigate through the website's pages of Singapore jobs at all. Could it be that this commotion is due to the fact that, admittedly, most of the job postings only ask for Singaporean/PR applications?

Well, this 'problem' isn't exclusive only to It 's natural because by setting this restriction, employers can skip the paper processing step and make their hiring processes faster. But well, this doesn't mean that expatriates are at a big disadvantage against locals/PRs with regards to the accounting jobs, banking jobs, engineering jobs, design jobs, telecom jobs, public service jobs, among others, in our database.

The key is patience (Plus, hard work). It's no good for them to apply to ads with PR restrictions, though. Those specifications are there for a reason. If you really truly want to succeed in your job search in Singapore, you won't want to communicate a 'desperate' image.

We'll update you as soon as we get more responses.

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