Friday, September 9, 2011

The young and hip

Young writers are anything but boring. Unlike their older counterparts *cough, cough*, they do not shy away from the Avant-garde, resulting to witty pieces of prose.

If you haven't noticed it yet, JobsDB Campus is no longer the grumpy webpage where there are only pictures of students in toga and links to student jobs, fresh graduate jobs, and part time jobs. It was, actually, re-branded with youth and vibe in mind. What better way to induce these elements into a webpage than setting up a blog and hiring young writers to moderate that blog?

Thus, is born to entertain and inform. Our hip moderators never fail to amaze us with their witty takes on career issues. How about you check their writing skills out yourself? These are their best and most popular articles:

Adding your personal touch to Valentine Day
The Value of Facebook status to a campus student
The Stereotypical Job Interviewee
Guide to Mugging in Town
Passion Reads of Summer

P.S. The moderators of this blog aren't really 'that' old, but we bow down to the creativity of these people.