Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tapping the hidden jobs market

Okay. So far, our little survey has garnered 24 responses. Although this number is still far from being acceptable by professional polling standards, we cannot help but feel ready to already declare a winner among our choices. 41.7% said that the best option to take when one's job search was having troubles was *surprise, surprise* "tapping the hidden jobs market through networks". Far from the second place was the option of "considering temp jobs and contract jobs", with 29.2% approval. The third placer was the option of "considering another industry with similar demands" with 16.7% approval, followed by "trying harder" with 12.5%. Still, no one agreed to considering the option of "returning to school for MBA or attending career seminars".

If we were to answer this survey, we'd probably zero in our contemplation on the options of "tapping the hidden jobs market" and"considering returning to school". Eventually, after much musing, we'd probably end up choosing the latter . Ergo, we're quite disappointed that nobody -- not even one -- has the same views as ours. Not that we're implying that our industry insights are superior, but we probably just need assurances that people are finally recognising the "new trend", the one implying that human capital development is the most effective route to success in this day and age. Singapore employers should be the ones most mindful of this, but jobseekers of Singapore banking jobs, accounting jobs, engineer jobs, marketing jobs...everything should recognise its presence as well at the very least, so expectations could be met if you get what we mean.

Nevertheless, since it doesn't seem like we're still going to get additional responses, we might as well share already what we have to say concerning the discourse of the hidden jobs market and how to tap into its resources. Actually, the hidden jobs market could be tapped in many ways, both conventionally and unconventionally. Focus was given to networking because it seemed to be the most effective way, judging from our own experiences and past conversations with jobseekers.

It is a given fact that more than 50% of job openings in Singapore aren't advertised. There are still companies that believe in the referrals method of filling in vacant positions, the thing is. The only way to have yourself considered for these positions, given these circumstances, is knowing someone 'from the inside'. Frequenting networking events and joining professional clubs are both a good way to meet potential contacts. If you haven't considered these options for career advancement yet, you should do so asap.

Returning to school can also lead you to people who will make great contacts. Okay, that's one biased statement, but we guess you understand the point, right?

Do you beg to disagree? Speak out. We'll listen.