Thursday, March 4, 2010

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JobsDB SG's business is to provide assistance to job seekers. And we're very passionate about that job of ours. In an effort to reach as much people in need of jobs as possible, we have extended our arms to some of the most popular social media sites in the country. Once upon a time, we asked ourselves how we could announce our presence to those outside of our office borders. Sites like Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter, Plurk and Facebook have been providing us means to communicate not only to job seekers in Singapore but those from other countries as well since then. Said sites give us the ability to also assist job seekers in other countries who want to try their lucks in Singapore.

According to Alexa, Facebook is the no. 1 website in Singapore. That's not surprising, really. We're pretty sure you use the site too. Whether you are a job seeker or a confused employee needing advice, Singapore's network on Facebook can help you. Before the day ends, add us up as a friend, be our fan, and join our group. Imagine receiving the latest job openings and career news straight to your homepage! Connecting with us is really to your advantage. BTW, we also have a fan page for our upcoming Career Expo 2010. If you are planning to attend said event, add yourself to its roster of fans on Facebook before today ends to get the latest updates.

But we're not just on Facebook. Add us up on Friendster, Tagged, Myspace, Linkedin and Multiply too!

This blog serves as our bulletin. Here we post career advice articles, news and job openings. Subscribing to this blog is the best way to receive the latest from SG. Not a fan of Blogger? We have blogs on Wordpress and Tumblr too.

Somebody once said that Twitter is the new advertising hub online. We're not going to argue with that. We do believe that Twitter provides a great platform to reach many people and so we also have a network there. Follow us today. We tweet news and job postings every day. Yes, every day. You're more into Plurk? Well, we also Plurk!

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