Friday, October 29, 2010

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Retrospection, December 2009: We needed attention to survive. Badly. Thus, we experimented with different things, from our writing to image. Which one worked? We suppose, we don't have to retell.

Indeed, the humor approach in writing, albeit in a twisted sort of way with the comments in annoyances and all, gave us what we wanted: a fanbase large enough to provide us a stable number of visits, a proof that we could hold on to at down times for motivation. All's well ends well...or so we thought until recently.

The problem hasn't ended. The place is still dry despite the list on the right hand side. The physical assurance of the list isn't enough to hush down our worries, apparently: we need participation from readers... a steady one. Maybe we failed to interest them with the topics? And so did we decide to make Singapore job updates a regular every Friday. Something that could appeal to anyone, a universal topic, nonetheless.

Because it's Friday today (never mind the time frame of this blog), obviously, we're going away from the career experts to let in job updates. Was that bad for an introduction? Anyway, the heart of this post is in the job alerts that we've yet to write, and so we don't mind. Now, will you give us the chance to present to you that heart?

This doesn't have anything to do with Singapore jobs and career building per se, but we figure it'll boost your motivation if we include this finding here. And at the start. Singapore has ranked 17th in a list of the most prosperous nations, compiled by London-based analytical centre Legatum Institute. Dominating the top ten are European countries with United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand taking the rest of the slots. Malaysia was the only South-east Asian country that made it to the top 50, taking the 43rd slot. Isn't that refreshing to know?

Now, off to the jobs. According to a latest study by DTZ research, the office sector in Asia Pacific continued to expand in the third quarter. Singapore in particular has made a strong recovery, garnering a 1.7% increase. What does this imply? For us, it means that the Singapore jobs market is really back on its game, vacancy wise. Singapore positions are back to being plenty, particularly those stationed in offices such as admin jobs, hr jobs, IT jobs, writing jobs, finance jobs, and management jobs. Do you think so too? How is it treating you in terms of job hunt?

This from The Straights Times: The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in its twice-yearly macroeconomic review is expecting the services sector to lead the economy boost next year. Which means more bank jobs, hotel jobs, casino jobs, retail jobs, food jobs, and tourism jobs to expect...there we said it.

Of course, this will not be complete without citing top jobs from Judging by their vast numbers in our database, as of present, job hunters of electrical engineer jobs, web designer jobs, teacher jobs, PR jobs, secretary jobs, and transportation jobs are in for a smooth weekend of job hunt.

Other announcements...

Singapore Airlines will be conducting walk-in interviews at Grand Hyatt on Nov 6. We know... we've announced this already. We just don't want you to forget about this great opportunity!

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