Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking to move your career forward? Contemplate on these questions. -part 2 of 2-

As promised, here's part 2:

Do you find career seminars and skills trainings relevant to your career?
You should. We don't like to sound like a broken record, but this is something worth repeating over and over: learning is essential to career growth. There's no stopping the work world from undergoing changes and you have to be able to cope with these changes in order to stay relevant. We know, such events often come with a hefty price tag, but you'll get your money's worth in the long run. Also if you come across training programmes that go along with your company's pursuits, suggest them to your boss.

How is your relationship with your boss?
He holds your future in your job right? Plus, your boss is not a psychic. Speak if you want to be heard. Frequent communication, although may sound a bit too pushy, is one of the oldest entries in the book when it comes to career development.

What's your style in fighting stress?
Everyone experiences stress in the workplace. How do you go about work stress? Bonding with your family? That's good but we're also encouraging you to enroll to an interest class. We're telling you, interest classes are a great terrain for networking.

Do you have a contacts list?
No? Start networking now. Career success is also about who knows you; an active network is a great tool to generate paths of success. Contacts are a great source of professional support and some of them can give you access to the hidden jobs market too, should a career change come to your mind.

What are your thoughts on social media networking?
Too bothersome? People join (including us) Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin for nothing! You'll get to meet people of varying expertise from different parts of the world without the hefty expense. Enough said.

As for job updates...
We haven't found much to share, but here's the thing: Singapore remains at the top when it comes to desirability to career professionals, salary expectations, and career opportunities. Anyway, we've read from that the chemical industry remains a pillar of economy, having contributed S$80.5 billion to Singapore's total manufacturing output; the comment has come from Minister of State for the Environment, Dr Amy Khor. A job hunter of chemical job or any other science job? You'll find job prospects at

We've also read, this time from, that the number of tourists to Singapore increased to 990,000 in February according to the Singapore Tourism Board. We're predicting the creation of more hospitality jobs i.e. F&B jobs, hotel jobs, casino jobs, hotel manager jobs, tourism jobs and travel jobs. Singapore
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