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Are you working smarter or “just” harder? p1

So, how did you guys find our video? Should we expect your attendance to Career Expo 2012? Not that we're pressuring you to come, but well, it's for your good. Singapore's only paper less job fair is nothing if not an oasis of job openings. We don't have specific schedules yet but rest assured, you'll hear from us once we receive updates from our editors.

Anyway, CE2012 is still far ahead and we should start talking about other career concerns for the betterment of this blog. Having established that point...we haven't written anything about work-life balance in a long while. This is what inspired us to start this "Are you working smarter or “just” harder?" series of career tips. Are you ready for the first part?


Want to be promoted? You'll have to show your boss that you deserve it first. Perhaps, start embracing the working scheme that he likes the most? But this doesn’t necessarily imply more work and stress in your part. There's a big difference between working smarter and working harder in achieving career success. You've heard the phrase before, no doubt.

What does it mean to work smart? First keyword:

Work-life balance. The key here is management, both in terms of time and money. Working smarter denotes two things: recognising the importance of time and knowing reasonability when it comes to spending. Making priorities and saving will get you out of the rut; you'll be able to take care of yourself and your family much better. If you use your time wisely, then you’ll be able to finish everything that needs to be done and you can relax better at home.

For this, we suggest you make a to-do list. There's no better way to achieve organisation than to maintain an active planner. This of course also calls for the need to eliminate office distractions -- you can do this by turning your phone off while at work and opening your email at certain scheduled times.

Stay tuned for the other keywords!

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