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Are you working smarter or “just” harder? p3

Last night, we were in a quandary -- a big one. We were finalizing our agenda for the next day (which is today); the problem was, we were left to choose from two equally exciting options: either we give part three of our "Are you working smarter of "just" harder series or continue featuring the new uploads of career articles at After some weigh-ins, we decided to do go for option one. This is going to be it's last installment (we think we've already shared everything), so are your pen and notepad ready for keywords 3, 4, 5 and 6?

Saying no is inevitable if you want to start working smarter. Why? A smart worker is a happy worker. Stress is a big time hindrance to achieving this state.

Contrary to what you're probably thinking right now, multi-tasking is not an act of working smarter. It just doesn't work, especially for starters. Multi-tasking will cause you to make a lot of mistakes; you'll accomplish more if you do things one by one until you're practised enough to multi-task.

Moving on, take breaks in between tasks to help your mind refocus. Say no to half-hearted jobs. Your boss is more likely to appreciate quality than quantity.

Also, if you need help, don’t hesitate to look for a counselor. A counselor will help you keep track with your career plan as well as provide you support when you feel discouraged. Needless to say, the things you’ll learn from such a person are worth the money.

Adopt these tips and you’ll be surprised at the efficiency you’ll show. Recommended readings:

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