Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with a special announcement.

Pardon our captain obvious realization, but we just have to let this out or else we'll die of guilt. We haven't conversed like this with you guys in a while. Although we still have contact with the ever elusive writing muse, we don't know if we can use the talent properly for this blog anymore. Not that we've completely lost interest to writing about Singapore jobs, career tips, learning opportunities and whatnot. Perhaps, graduate school is still making adjustments on our lives, trying to insert itself to our basic formulation of life and work to make it threefold.

But be assured that we're not going anywhere just yet. We've been moderators to this blog for almost two years now; it won't be easy to part with this responsibility, now that we view it a basic aspect of our lives.

Anyway, we'd like to keep this conversation light, so don't hesitate to keep on reading. Nothing serious to come through, don't worry. How about we offer you next a video for a change?

Have you seen this video about Career Expo 2011? It's our editors' latest tribute to the successful job fair.

Missed the event? This video will encourage you to sign up for Career Expo 2012!

Guess we'll see you next year?

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BTW, if you haven't been to our website lately, there is a new report from Hays Singapore concerning job industries. It can be found on News Watch. We'll feature the article's contents on Friday on this blog, but reading it ahead of time will help. Singapore
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