Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are you working smarter or “just” harder? p2

There's a heavy reason why we don't just want to waste away our appointment with you guys today. We won't be here tomorrow and Friday in observance of a Christian holiday. It goes without saying that we HAVE to make today fruitful in terms of learning and development, or else you may lose interest.

So are you guys ready? What do we have in store for today, Anyway? Our plan is, we'll further our "Are you working smarter of "just" harder series?". Will that be enough as a make up?

Keyword number two is...

Fun. A smart worker never gets bored because he knows how to make the most out of his job, no matter how boring the tasks get. Perfect career is a non-existent concept, but you can make your work life exciting by always keeping a lighthearted attitude. Focus on the fun in your job. List down all those tasks that you enjoy doing the most and distribute them throughout the week to keep the motivation flowing. As for those in your "most mundane" list, figure out how you can make them a little more exciting to do. They're still a part of your job description, after all.

Working smarter also means being sociable. It's all about keeping a light attitude, right? Having sound relationships with the people you work with will make the work place more comfortable and thus, alleviate a large part of your everyday stress.

Stay tuned for the other keywords!

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