Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Secrets to Career Growth -part 2 of 2-

It's been a while! Finally, here's part 2! Today we'll talk about

Continuous learning is out of the question in a discussion like this. Don't stop learning new skills to stay relevant. Even though your company invests time and resources into training you with seminars every now and then, we suggest you develop your skills on your own as well. If you come across training programmes and other learning opportunities that you find relevant to your company's goals, don't hesitate to share them to your boss. Also ask for feedback from your coworkers and your boss – this will help you pinpoint your skills that need improvement.

Of course, mistakes can't be avoided. When you make a mistake, accept the responsibility and quickly work to resolve it. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask. Don't take risks as you might just make the problem worse. Your boss will appreciate your willingness to learn. Here's the thing: Bosses have far more respect for employees who take responsibility for their actions than those who don't.

Maybe you'll get more motivated if we say that there’s a big prize in doing this. What's it? That alpha-employee status. Ever heard of the alpha-male syndrome? It's an unwritten contest among males on who is the strongest and has the best skills. This is a concept that exists in offices in some form. The alpha person in the office is the one the boss trusts the most. It goes without saying that achieving the status is the fastest way to a promotion. And a higher salary.

But high salaries aside, the biggest benefit of doing all these is the flexible career trait. Being active in developing your career allows you to factor in resignations and to decide whether big revamps need to be done or not in your career. Having flexibility is very important as it helps increase your odds of staying employed and relevant.

Our conclusion? Here are the secrets to career growth; you should have all these in your plan: optimism, commitment, the drive to continue learning, and the initiative to learn from mistakes.

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