Friday, December 11, 2009

What it's Like Being an Entrepreneur

Operating a business is a complex affair. As an entrepreneur, you will be dealing with different things all the time. Your customers will have different tastes. You will need to explore different options in order to solve problems. The only thing on which you can rely to be constant is you.

Having no one but yourself to rely on can be scary but that's actually the one thing that makes operating a business a very good career venture -- it will teach you life values that no PhD holder can impart to you. Gerald Lim, founder and CEO of Subtle Senses SPA, hopes to inspire more people to become entrepreneurs in his recent interview with JobsDB Singapore.

Having been an entrepreneur in the SPA industry for more than 10 years, Gerald shares his wisdom: "[Doing business] is about the determination to strive for excellence regardless of circumstances and challenges that will bring out the true entrepreneurial spirit in you. True entrepreneurs believe that the journey to success can only be enriched by that invaluable lesson of failure. Yes, education forms a fundamental backbone in the entrepreneur’s journey; however, navigating the terrains of a challenging business environment requires more than just good education – It also requires good business acumen as well."

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