Friday, July 1, 2011

Hey, let's talk about sales jobs.

Writers aren't known for being warm. The work may be interpreted as friendly, but you probably wouldn't want to have breakfast with its writer in a sunny Sunday morning. More often than not, that's the case. That's why you can't compare sales jobs with writing jobs without sounding so biased -- these two fields are just too different from each other.

Unlike those with writer jobs, sales executives can be generalized as an energetic bunch. PR skills run the sales industry in the first place. Writers work by themselves most of the time and without the need to open their mouths; whereas, sales executives talk with people from nine to five. The negotiations also extend after office hours. Personality profiling and job matching have gained popularity among career professionals for this reason.

Do you think that the sales arena is where you belong? Do you have what it takes to succeed in a sales position? Attending these seminars courtesy of JobsDB Learning can help to you achieve the dream.

Communication Strategies
Customer Service Tool Kit : Perfect Phrases in Practice
Selling Smarter
How To Spoil The Market
Business is Blooming

Consider them an investment. Hey, sales roles pay well, don' t they? Not as much as what those with legal jobs and medical jobs in Singapore get every month, but the numbers definitely make for a good price.

It's safe to talk your boss into signing up for the training and development arm of Little drawbacks, lots of potential benefits.