Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All about engineering jobs

Okay, we admit it: We cheated yesterday. It's just that July 19 is a really special day for us; we couldn't trash the celebratory feeling at all, even for just an hour. Scrolling through our archives, we realised that we really only had two options: It was either we write the hoopla in or forget about posting altogether. While the latter would have been a more understandable selection from us-- you know we have the tendency to talk too much, we know you do -- the very thought of having to leave a day activity-less, well, we might as well pinch ourselves than do that.

It's pretty given that we owe you guys a drink. The sad thing is, we can't pay these debts which have arisen from our irresponsibility yet. Okay, reason. Uhm, you know the end result of any celebration, right? But ours is not the literal kind, mind you. AND be assured that we will not forget about this promise until it's been properly taken care of.

For now, we will continue our rediscovery of the little things that make Industry Focus a gem for both job seekers and career professionals. We have yet to document our entire archives section to be honest, but what's for sure is that we haven't written about engineering jobs in a while. Currently, the section has 4 engineering resources which are about careers in Dyson, Panasonic and Sanden, plus a glossary of different Engineering Disciplines.

Also, within our social networks, "Do engineer jobs in Singapore offer competitive salaries?" is a frequently asked question. Good thing there is this article at to help us answer.

If you happen to have stumbled upon this post because you are looking for engineering roles, find what you're looking for at