Friday, July 15, 2011

Your training and development

Now and again, our editors would post something intriguing at -- it's usually on the homepage but it could be anywhere else -- and automatically, we get inspired to do the same for this blog. Were you on Twitter yesterday? If yes, you should know what this is about...

Right. Isn't "How do you say what you want to say and have the other person understand it?" a very smart way of introducing a Communication Skills Seminar from JobsDB Learning? Charming!

Hopefully, you signed up. Anyway, Influential Communication Skills, to be facilitated by professional trainer Jensen Siaw will not take place until August 20, so you still have time to decide (or save up for the fee). Nevertheless, we're waiting for your name. Come on, don't miss this great opportunity!

...or just consider these other seminars at

18 JulSpeak Right With EQ
18 JulMicrosoft Excel 2007 Power Functions 1
18 JulInternational Shipping and Logistics Contracts
18 JulMicrosoft Excel 2007 Advanced
18 JulPhotoshop CS5 Fundamentals
18 JulMicrosoft Word 2007 Basic to Intermediate

No matter your current standing in the workworld, whether you are a job hunter or career builder, we advise that you enroll in at least one. The purpose of training opportunities is to improve credentials. If you have high credentials, your chances of being considered for the best Singapore finance jobs or accounting jobs or engineering jobs are higher than if you don't, of course. Same goes for career professionals -- you know that salary increments and bonuses are back, right?