Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Job hunting? The news is your ally.

Before anything else, we'd like to apologize for being missing in action yesterday. We were very sick and had to take a day off. We still feel dizzy actually, but what's important is we're back now! Hopefully, you guys are still interested to listen. Yes?

Okay. Today, we're going to answer a question sent to us by a Linkedin follower through email. It's not something you've never heard of, but it has caught us dumbfounded, nevertheless. We bet you've never asked yourself this question before too: What's the most difficult part of a job search?

Our say? It depends on how you view things, really. And whether or not your chosen industry is doing well. Perhaps, it's networking that's the most difficult part of looking for a job for you? Others may disagree and say that it's the job interviewing part that's the most stressful.

Whatever is your answer, you can survive the difficulty by reading industry news. The news is, perhaps, the best ally you could ever have when trying to land a job. Specially in industries with seasonal demands, being updated will get rid of the pressure and focus you on the goal, resulting to a more organized job search.

That's why we have News Watch at We invite everyone to visit the section once in a while and be in the loop.

So whether you are currently looking for accounting jobs or engineer jobs in Singapore, or perhaps design jobs and media jobs, you will benefit a lot by reading the news.