Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Of celebrations and happy jobs

The truly sad thing about our writing is that, as far as sense and coherence are concerned, "the shorter it is, the better" rule applies like paint to a concrete wall. We're certainly not saying this in a bad way. Rather, this is our way of acknowledging our improvement since the "dark ages". New to this blog? During the dark ages, we were so obsessed with this blog, we felt obliged to post 700 words each time we logged in. Now, blog entries aren't supposed to be long -- heck, judging by how short the average attention span of humans has become, nothing's supposed to be long on the internet -- so, you get the drift.

Anyway, today is a very special day for the moderators of this blog. You don't need to know the specific reason, so why mention this? To help you to understand why our tone's slightly celebratory today and prevent you from freaking out. In line with this special holiday for us that you don't need to know the exact nature of, today's discussion will purely be good news. We ought to have fun; after all, we've been discussing purely serious stuff the past few months.

Hmmm, how about discussing happy jobs for today? We have yet to finish appreciating the little things that Industry Focus at http://sg.jobsdb.com/SG/EN/Resources/JobSeekerIndex/Industry-Focus?ID=161 has to offer. In order to motivate you guys, here are some inspiring quotes from past interviews.

No matter the nature of your job, if you really truly enjoy what you do, chances of getting dissatisfied are close to zero. Take it from these career professionals:

"Job Re-creators don’t just re-brand and re-image job positions, they also increase productivity and efficiency by professionalising existing standards." ~ Ms Lee Eer Ling of NTUC, representing HR Jobs.

"I love travelling, so I feel privileged to be able to work in an industry that allows me to travel all over the world. I am happy to be able to immerse in different cultures and savour the local delights in different countries and cities." ~ Ms Iris Mou of Singapore Airlines, representing Aviation Jobs.

"Working in this industry will quicken your maturity. At the end of two years with us, I’m sure you’ll emerge as a better person.” ~Mr Philip Lim of DBS, representing Banking Jobs.

"I enjoy interacting with guests, finding out about their trip and gathering feedback of the hotel and the service standards, including their dining experience." ~Ms Janice Chan of Pan Pacific Singapore, representing Hospitality Jobs.

"I really enjoy being able to plan for road shows and outdoor events for our readers to meet up, have lots of fun and connect with one another." ~Ms Jasmine Goh of Kids World Media Pte Ltd, representing Media Jobs.

"Overall, I am happy to be a nurse because it has molded me into a stronger person - both mentally and emotionally." ~Ms Serene Tan from the National Healthcare Group (NHG), representing Medical Jobs.

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