Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Comparing apples and oranges...

To say that science jobs are harder than 'artsy jobs' is incorrect. Heck, it's like pitting apples against oranges in a deathmatch of taste. Just because media jobs, journalist jobs and marketing jobs have nothing to do with numbers and most of us fear math doesn't mean these jobs are easier to keep.

No two job responsibilities are the same. And our belief is that there is stress in all job functions; getting burnt out is an end-result of one's work habits (or the lack thereof), not the industry itself. So, work life balance is a concept that doesn't just exist within the realms of it jobs and engineering jobs. Similarly, it's wrong to say that only career professionals with design jobs and advertising jobs are able to have fun while also enjoying a healthy career.

Industry Focus is a proof for these claims. Reading these articles, we don't sense any kind of dissatisfaction from Toh Hong Wei, Customer Engineer at NCR and Marc Drysdale, Senior Service Consultant at Scania at all. Do you?

"I like my job very much as I get to communicate with our customers and get their feedback on how we can develop better vehicles and products to serve them." ~Marc

"I’ve been withNCR for 5 years now, and I feel a sense of pride to work for a company that supplies ATMS which are efficient and that help to make people’s lives more convenient in the process. " ~Toh Hong Wei

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