Thursday, July 7, 2011

Quiz time!

We're quite a fan of quizzes. In fact, we used to publish ones for our friends on Facebook. Which jobs suit your personality best? remains to be our favourite. A quick Google search has told us that the quiz still exists, but it's no longer takeable for some reason.

So we suggest our new friends to just take it here. But no cheating! Answer all questions before you scroll down.

Which jobs suit your personality best?

Career satisfaction depends on how your personality fits your job. Are you currently looking for a job? Well, are you searching for the right jobs? Let this quiz help you find the job that will make you want to wake up early every day.

You are most convinced by:

  1. Rational arguments.
  2. Statements that come from the heart.
  3. It depends on which holds true on the given situation.

You get motivated by:

  1. Appreciation.
  2. Achievements.
  3. Both.

Before you make a decision:

  1. You think things first.
  2. You follow your intuition.
  3. I contemplate long enough to end up with the right answer.


  1. I want them firm.
  2. I keep mine flexible.
  3. …should be firm, but not too restricting.


  1. I like my freedom and so I dislike following schedules.
  2. I'm comfortable with them.
  3. I find it hard to follow schedules.

Which do you value more:

  1. Fairness
  2. Compassion
  3. Truth.

I focus more on:

  1. The details.
  2. The possibilities.
  3. The goal.

When it comes to roles, I prefer to be:

  1. The leader, the one who makes the decision.
  2. The follower. I prefer to work behind the scenes.
  3. I can function both as a leader and a follower.

Working alone.

  1. Is good. I prefer that.
  2. Is okay.
  3. I will be much better if I have people who I can share my ideas with.


  1. …are fun.
  2. Such are great thinking exercises.
  3. I avoid conflicts as much as possible.

On being the center of attention:

  1. Hate it.
  2. Love it.
  3. Okay with it.






Mostly No. 1

You are more of a thinker than a feeler. You value facts and like to be in-charge. The jobs that fit you best are those that require precision and independence.

You will be at your best working in these fields: Medicine & Healthcare, Accounting, Banking & Finance, Engineering, Education and Information Technology. The following are some job titles that fit your personality: Doctor, Accountant, Banker, Treasurer, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Application Specialist, Professor

Mostly No. 2

You are more of a feeler than a thinker. You are very level-headed and you like your freedom very much. You also have the ability to read others and so, you’ll be at your best in a job that will allow you to communicate with people.

You will be at your best working in these fields: Marketing, Law, Public Relations, Sales, Human Resource, Hospitality, and Design. The following are some job titles that fit your personality:

  • Hotel Manager
  • HR Officer
  • Copywriter
  • Event Manager
  • Editor
  • Director
  • Designer
  • Lawyer

Mostly No.3

You know how to balance your heart and mind.

Call yourself blessed. With your ability to balance what you feel with what you think, you will find satisfaction in many industries. These fields, in particular, are where you will be at your best: Management, Civil Service and Professional Services.

Feel free to proceed to Singapore to look for job prospects.

Disclaimer: This quiz is a generalization. If the result rings true for you, then you’ve found your career path. If not, you can re-take the quiz. We also suggest you to start evaluating your career goals to see what job really suits you. Career Advice can help you.