Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cut-throat competition in the job market (and uneager job seekers?)

Many thanks to the person who pointed this out. We needed the call... badly. Now, we feel really, really obliged to make today's conversation comprehensive. The challenge is to extend this to a length that's expected of entries from blogs with naturally talkative moderators.

Okay, we admit to the fact that we haven't written anything longer than 500 words in a long while. Granted, running out of ideas is a common problem among career professionals with writing jobs, but our fault is that we actually stopped bugging you guys with requests for suggestions. Do you have an idea when exactly we stopped?

Nevertheless, be assured that we've waked up from our long slumber (and hopefully, stay awake for more than a month). That having said, we invite you to help us to keep this blog interactive; we're keeping the comments section open for your suggestions. Wondering where have all the good accounting jobs and finance jobs in Singapore gone? Is it possible to find fresh graduate jobs and student jobs and career tips for this bunch at We'll answer any kind of question as long as it's about career. We're afraid we can't be as knowledgeable when the concern is about get the drift. Keep the suggestions coming, alright?

So, what's our plan? Until we get actual suggestions, for now, we are resolving to follow up/correct/comment on old entries. There's a reason why we consider this blog's archives section a great tool, really.

Anyway, until a year ago, before the major revamp, polls were a commonplace on the homepage of Our entry for July 14th of 2010 was about the results of a job market survey not being in sync with what the news was reporting that time. While the headlines were all about hiring expections going up and balance of power swinging back to job seekers, My JobsDB users had a different opinion.

What resolution did we end up with? We chose to remain in the middle of it all by saying that job hunting was also about luck. In short, we chose to play it safe.

Reopening the same survey today will probably yield the same results. We're pretty sure because our Fanpage is still a regular recipient of job market-related questions. And to think that it appears that the job market has remained in the same stable position.

Will we change our stand? Perhaps, not. Visit the Fanpage in question and you'll understand why.

But yes, this is still our say: It's not that there's a scarcity of jobs in Singapore. The competition is just cut-throat, which means that you have to have patience too aside from a marketable resume as part of your entourage.

Oh, if ever we're still the moderators of this blog next year, stay tuned for our third follow up. See whether or not we'd have a change of mind on the issue.

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