Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Of Missing Out and Catching Up

One good thing about this blog's layout -- aside from being simplistic and pleasing to the eye -- is that, it reminds us of our priorities. For a blog to become a community of minds, it needs -- aside from a talkative moderator -- many followers. That's it. There's a reason why our editors placed the "Fanpage" and "Followers" boxes at the top. We need more people to follow us. Also, we need to consistently entertain those 99 (so far) who have clicked the "Join this site" button so they won't unclick it.

Okay, we had to deal with important numbers for yesterday and ran out of time to share something for conversation. Really, you have every reason to feel mad or betrayed or whatever and we won't argue with you. But because we were absent yesterday, you can be sure we will do our best to come up with good write-ups for the rest of this week.

So what's our plan for today? Usually we only have two possible routes to take when writing articles and our options for today can be imagined as this: Discuss the news -- the SG National Day is just so near! -- or ramble about another FAQ in career. Given our tendency to become really off-topic when not featuring anything from our editors, we'd rather not talk about the SG National Day yet. Although we don't want to bore you out with our none-changing opinions on career issues as well. We're stuck. Sadly enough.

Geez, we've rambled long enough to make a stand-alone, senseless post. But really, we're lost. So, we ask you to suggest topics for tomorrow. For now, we are putting Find Jobs in the spotlight. Well, it's been so long since we last did so. Also, we can't believe the section gets more or less 30,000 unique job postings a day now, compared to when we were just starting. More options for our followers who are job hunting, then! And that's something to be happy about.

The latest jobs comprise mostly of Teacher Jobs, Manager Jobs, Accounting Jobs, and Customer Service Jobs. If you are currently hunting for options in these industries (or thinking of switching jobs into these fields of work), then consider yourself lucky today. How were we able to know the latest jobs in the DB? On the homepage there is a text-based "Latest 500 Jobs" button below the "Search Jobs" box; just click it and you'll get a summary of the latest jobs in Singapore.

More information about the industries of Education, Finance and Call Center here:
Banking & Finance
Call Center

Help us to reorganize our goals. We hope to hear from you guys asap.