Monday, January 25, 2010

For Many Children in Singapore, Family Comes First

Normally, we would expect kids to answer tales of fantasies when asked questions involving their future. Anyway, it's a societal stereotype that kids are more interested in "the birds and the bees" than bites of reality. What's surprising here is that a survey of children conducted by Adecco Singapore, a popular recruiter in Singapore, revealed a result that's exactly the opposite of this "norm" all of us grew up with. We adults don't understand what our children are cooking inside their minds, after all. Said survey had a result that most Singapore children (93% percent of the children surveyed), aged 7-14, actually thinks that in life, family comes first.

The complete report of the survey, which is posted in JobsDB Singapore's website, revealed that the most moving answers came from the question, “What is more important – to make lots of money or to spend time with your family?” The website listed down the following answers as the top 4:

  1. Without our family, we are nothing
  2. My family cares for me and loves me. Money has no heart
  3. Money is not important to me. I am happy as long as I have my family with me
  4. Family comes first

The survey also made it clear that our children give their futures a heavy thought, contrary to common notion. The most popular career choices of Singapore's youth, according to the survey, were becoming a Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher and joining the Singapore Police Force.

According to the survey, many children also wanted to help others to maintain a safe Singapore if they were fortunate enough to become the Prime Minister. The website listed these answers:

  • Upgrade computers in schools
  • Ensure that everyone has a job
  • Find more ways to reduce global warming
  • Use my money to help those in need

Expect Singapore to keep on posting relevant articles like this for the days to come.

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