Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Career Success Strategy

They say that the fastest way from "A" to "B" is a straight line. While this has been proven to be the most effective strategy to remedy most situations, when it comes to achieving career success, it's not the right to take, unfortunately. Why is that? Simple reason: there would be no inviting prospects in the future, if there had been no effort on career development. In today's corporate environment, the rate at which you update yourself must be equal or at least close enough to the growing needs of your company. In other words, an outdated list of qualifications and skills won't lead you to anything pretty in the future.

We bet you're asking how, now. You have lots of options, actually. Skills trainings and career workshops are constantly being offered here and there -- why don't you start frequenting such events? Singapore is always offering career development solutions to those who are looking to update their resumes --it has two career advancement arms:

Career Events has many tailor-made training courses and programmes to help you develop yourself professionally and achieve optimum career success. JobsDB Career Events only features industry experts to give you the best training and knowledge.

Stress and Wellness Management is the latest seminar offering of Career Events. If you're interested to know more about this seminar, please see our Jan 25 post or go to Career Events' website.
is the management training and development arm of Established in 2002, has acquired a reputation of presenting the best international and locally thought leaders and stellar speakers in their respective fields of specialty.

Training Categories
SPUR Funded Courses
- WSQ Service Excellence
- WSQ Singapore Employability skills system
- WSQ Human Resource

Microsoft Office 2003 Courses
Microsoft Office 2007 Courses
Management & Leadership
Customer Relations
Sales & Marketing
Communication Skills
Personal Development
Finance has 11 seminars scheduled for the month February. For more information, visit now.

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