Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Steps in Career Transition (You Need to Read This if You're Nearing Graduation)

Scheduled to graduate this year? Take it easy! This year's fresh graduates are actually quite lucky. Because the economy has already shown signs of improvement, Singapore is pretty sure that "supply exceeds demand" is not the theme of this year's employment drama, which means job hunting may be a little more easier compared to last year. We're posting this article, nonetheless, because we want you to make your transition as spotless smooth as possible. A typical transition is somewhat predictable in the process of job hunting, says William S. Frank from The Career Advisor. We've decided to post here his steps for your reference.

William listed down 11 transitional steps:

1) Graduation (or job loss for non-fresh grads)
2) Focus
This will be the time that you'll be thinking about which field to work in. The best thing to do while at this step is to read career resources and ask for help from experts.
3) Resume
In order to get a job, you'll need to compile your qualifications in a piece of paper. We've always said that resume writing is critical and so we want you to continue reading career resources while at this step.
4) Cover Letters
You'll need to write letters to respond to want ads. During this time, you'll need to be patient.
5) Networking
No matter how good you are, you'll need to call contacts to increase your chances of getting job offers faster.
6) Job Search
7) Interviewing
One advice: take interviews seriously.
8) Disappointment
Patience, our friend, is a virtue.
9) Job Offer
10) Salary Negotiations
If you are presented a chance, then do negotiate. It's for your own good.
11) New Beginnings
Send your thank-you's to everyone who've helped.

William has his own notes for each step. You might want to read them too. The full article is available @

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