Saturday, January 30, 2010

Safe Career Switches = Proposal 3 Singapore’s business is to help job seekers with their concerns -- which is why we braved the hostile waters and pushed through with our safe career switches project. We’re now on the third.

From Marcomms/Industrial Relations/Sales to Media & Advertising

The industry of Media & Advertising is relatively young but it's one of the stablest industries in the country. If you are from the industries of Marcomms, Industrial Relations, and Sales, chances of you succeeding after transferring to Media & Advertising are very high. Srikanth Ramachandran, Director of @Life, a popular digital outdoor media company, tells JobsDB Singapoore that sales professionals who know how to sell new media, content crafters with experience on writing advertising content, IT trained operations specialists, and strategical technologists are the ones most likely to meet success in this promising industry.

Why it is safe to reset your career in the Media & Advertising industry...

Media & Advertising industry has a very broad source of profit. That's what makes it very stable. Referring to his company's clientele, Ramachandran tells us, “Our wide and diverse clientele includes many established retailers, restaurants, and also advertisers. We have also worked with clients from different industries such as tourism, entertainment, sports, government and many more”. Of course, other Advertising companies have as much clients as @Life.

We’ll be posting more proposals soon. As usual, stay tuned.

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