Monday, January 11, 2010

Safe Career Switches | Proposal 1

At times like these, switching jobs can be chancy. While the global economy is unstable, making a crucial career move like choosing to look for a new job in another industry brings about many risks. However, if you really need to switch to another field to save your career, there are safe options that you can consider. Keep it safe, follow Singapore's proposals.

From school to one of 2010's most promising industries

We know that as a fresh graduate you’re free to do as you please when it comes to career, but now isn't a good time for taking chances.

November last year, we listed down 2010's most promising industries and these are Audit & Accountancy, Administrative, Information Technology, Banking & Finance, and Engineering. If you'll be graduating this year, we advice you to focus your job search on these industries to escape trouble. Companies will do everything to witness the next economic upturn (the government has already sent reports that the economy is on its way to stability); in response to that, they will need additional help. Of course, you're free to check on other industries too, but if you want to be sure that you're leading your career to the right direction, it's best to follow our advice. You're about to start your career at a time when companies are regenerating, might as well make your entrance grand.

We’ll be posting more proposals, so please stay tuned.

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