Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Office Problem-Makers and How to Beat Them

There is no way that office spaces can be freed from toxic elements. JobsDB Singapore regrets saying that offices will always be a breeding ground for anxieties and misunderstandings. According to studies, office bodies are generally more stressed compared to self-employed individuals and licensed professionals like lawyers and doctors. If you are an entrepreneur, you are your own boss and thus, you are free to do as you please, but if you earn your money through working in an office space, not only do you need to deal with lots of toxic people but also with issues that may not be related to your job functions but can destroy your career if not solved. How can you advance your career if you don't have a choice but to work in a dangerzone?

Problem-Maker No. 1: Office Cliques

If you are a part of a clique at work, take a moment to consider the consequences this could influence your career in the future. Being a member of an office clique won't do you any good as it limits you -- it stops you from advancing in your career. Christina Lee, Managing Consultant of DBM Singapore, tells JobsDB Singapore, "although you may believe you are forming strong relationships and creating future opportunities by being part of a clique, you should never confuse this with genuine networking."

So, how can you make your office free from cliques? Christina has lots of office clique busters but avoiding office gossip, we believe, gives the best result. Christina tells us, "avoid openly making private jokes in front of people that aren’t included in your fun and games. While there is nothing wrong in having jokes between colleagues, making it clear in front of others that they are being excluded is unfair and contributes to an unhappy office environment. Telling jokes about colleagues is never okay."

Problem-Maker No. 2: "Monday Blahs"

Everybody experiences "monday blahs". You may not know it, but if you find it hard to get out of bed on mondays, even though you really love your job, our friend, you have this problem. Experiencing "monday blahs" may not be as alarming as being stuck in an office clique but because it affects your performance at work, it's something that could influence badly your future career prospects. Beverly Beuermann-King of Work Smart Live Smarts, shares with JobsDB Singapore one effective tip to beat the monday blahs. She tells us that planning something enjoyable on monday can make wonders. "Plan your Monday tasks on Friday so that you can combat that swamped feeling", she shares, "re-organize yourself the night before you return to work."

Problem-Maker No. 3: Autopilot Syndrome
If you think that your work has become an endless task after another, you're likely suffering from autopilot syndrome. Jody Urquhart, author of "All Work & No SAY Takes the PASSION Away: Create a Passionate & Committed Workplace", shares with JobsDB Singapore, "many people are so caught up in getting things done that they lose sight of the purpose of their work and quickly get bored."

So how do you beat the autopilot syndrome? By challenging yourself more with regular tasks, Jody tells us. Give yourself challenge at work by doing your regular tasks much faster. She also advices people suffering from autopilot syndrome to reframe their perspective. "For example, a real-estate agent isn't just selling houses but helping clients build a better future", she adds.

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