Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Resume Writing Tips from JobsDB SG (because one article is not enough...)

In the resume editing article we posted one month ago, we said that errors in resume could leave lots of damage to one's career prospects. "Your resume is your personal sales tool for success in business", according to Adecco, a popular recruiter in Singapore. A troubled resume wouldn't get you the attention from employers that you desire as a job seeker, of course. That's why in said article, we insisted that job seekers must take resume writing as a serious affair.

Resume writing is so critical that there is not a single career help website online that doesn't have resume writing tips in its features. Singapore just recently uploaded an article about resume writing from Adecco, in fact. In this article, Adecco gave basic tips to prevent errors from striking your resume; consider yourself lucky as we've decided to outline it for you here.

When it comes to font

- use a font size that is no smaller than 10pt to avoid having your reader strain his eyes
- forget about fanciful fonts as they waste space
- consistency. use the same font throughout your resume to give it a professional look

when it comes to content
- pick action words that are results-oriented. this will give your reader the impression that you are hardworking and very eager to get the job
- highlight your competence and accomplishments to add more spice to your resume
- include only relevant information. the employer wants to hear about your working abilities not your hobbies or interests.

But above all else, Adecco emphasized the importance of (Re)reading. Don't rush into sending your resume -- gothrough your resume several times after you have finished writing it.

You can read the articole @ You can also learn more resume tricks and tips in our career guide's resume writing section.

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