Friday, January 15, 2010

JobsDB Singapore's Interview Tips

We posted our first resume writing article December last year. That's one month ago; this article has been on queue for so long! Anyway, what does Singapore has to say to job seekers with interview queries?

Think this: getting interview invites means that you did your resume quite impressively. You deserve kudos for that; however, you've just passed the first stage of the employment drama. All your efforts in polishing your resume will come to waste if you mess up during your interviews. Interviews are where you'll finally be able to tell your potential employers those small details about you that didn't earn a place in your resume but could do wonders. You have to take interviews seriously too, as such affairs are where you can sell yourself more, it goes without saying. But, how? You will find yourself rid of uncertainties and worries by dealing with your interviews in three steps…

Before the interview
Preparation is very crucial. "If you want to make a good impression, preparation is necessary", says Kelly Services. Your homework is to find as much information as you can about the employer who called you. Doing so will give the interviewer the impression that you're really interested to devote your strengths and skills for the company.

You have to dress to impress -- plan what you're going to wear. "Avoid clothing that is ill-fitting, revealing, casual or unprofessional", reminds Kelly Services. Ask for tips from others you know in that profession. If you don't know anybody that can give you a cue, go for safe clothing. Smart casual will do.

Get a folder where you can put your resume, certificates, and other important documents in file. Doing so will get you to present them at ease.

Be prepared mentally. Although nervousness comes naturally after receiving an invite for interview, you can at least lessen your mental stress by researching tips to ace interviews on the internet. This will help you imagine positive scenarios and see yourself doing well at the interview. "Visualise yourself succeeding at the interview and being happy with how you performed", says Kelly Services.

Timing is important. Have an early night, if you have a morning interview. If yours is scheduled on the afternoon, avoid doing anything stressing 2 hours before the interview so you can be relaxed.

During the interview
Be nice to everyone and act professional. Do not touch anything in the interviewer's office, for instance. You must watch your body language as well -- for example, crossing your arms will give the impression of impatience. Also be prepared to wait. "Some employers may make you wait on purpose to see how you react to those around you and if you get impatient", Kelly Services tells us.

During the Q&A, remember to reply clearly and concisely and be honest. Do not be afraid to sell yourself!

Contrary to common notion, asking questions actually gives a good impression. "If an interviewer asks you at the end of the interview if you have any questions – always reply Yes!”, says Neen, a Global Productivity Expert. Ask questions about the company and what it does.

After the interview
Be aware of your space to avoid getting lost. "It is difficult when you are in a new space but learn to orientate yourself to the environment quickly so that you do not look 'blur' or lost", says Kelly Services. Also, don't forget to send a thank-you note. "Use the thank you note to reiterate your interest and to emphasise your specific qualifications for the position", Louise Giordano, a career counselor at Brown University tell us.

Put these suggestions into practice for your next interviews. Hopefully, these will help make them as smooth-flowing as possible.

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