Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Safe Career Switches = Proposal 2

Our economy’s still regenerating – it’s still not safe to make daring career moves. But we decided to push through with our safe career switches project anyhow, and here’s our second proposal.

From Any Industry to Retail
The thing with the Retail Industry is, it’s open to all specializations. You don't have to be a holder of “this” or a graduate of “that” to succeed in it. Director of Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS), Lee Tong Nge, shares with JobsDB.com Singapore, "One main distinguishing factor that separates the Retail Industry from others is that it’s very open and accessible to everyone from all walks of life. Meaning, you could previously be working as a PMET (Professional, Manager, Engineer and Technician) in a different industry, or even a housewife who aspires to return to the workforce, and there will be job opportunities that are available for you." What does the Retail Industry need from you then? It’s passion, our friend. Nge emphasizes that what's important in this industry is your attitude. Marie-Louise Jacobsen, Managing Director of Retail Management Solutions (RMS) explains the point further, "[the retail industry] can offer a fast track-career for anyone that has creative flair, strong awareness of fashion and lifestyle trends as well as natural interpersonal and team-work skills for starters." If you are keen to learn new skills and have a positive attitude, success will come to you easily in retail.

Why it is safe to reset your career in the retail industry

First, the Retail Industry doesn't ask for educational distinctions or awards. Meaning, you can start your career in this industry right away, no need to further your studies or attend seminars. Second is, this industry isn't seasonal -- it will always be there no matter the economic climate. Jacobsen points out, "The retail industry is ALWAYS looking for fresh new talent who are creative, innovative, hard working and passionate about their work." Take note the emphasis on the word "Always".

We’ll be posting more… stay tuned.

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