Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 Golden Rules of Good Office Etiquette

They say that every dark cloud has a silver lining; office politics, no matter how irritating, isn't really all bad. The set-up makes working a lot more colorful actually. We in Singapore, are aware of how bothering office politics can get, don't get us wrong. We publish articles on this working concept from time to time, right? Our point is, office politics is not as toxic to your mentality as you think -- it's very tolerable given the right "instructions" on workplace etiquette. It's not like office politics is a maze with no way out.

The way out? This one.

Back at (if you haven't been on our site lately), an article on office politics has just been published. But this is not just an article consisting one or two of our clumsy tips on proper office behavior. This time, we're showcasing advice from a professional -- an expert in the business. We recently interviewed Agnes Koh, Director of Etiquette & Image International. Agnes shared with us etiquette practices that guarantee better coping with office politics. Here's the highlight of the interview:

Our Question: What are some ways to practice good office etiquette?

Agnes' Answer:

1. Don't talk about any health issues that you face as it could negatively affect your promotion chances. The only person you should share about any health problems if it will affect your work is the HR Manager.
2. Avoid gossip and do not talk about your colleagues behind their back as this can create conflict and is not good for your reputation - only share what is meant for sharing.
3. Avoid talking about your holidays and non-work related things during office hours. Personal sharing is ok during after work drinks or during office recreation activities though.
4. Don't offer unsolicited advice to your colleagues as it's best to stay out of people's personal lives.
5. Be aware of what you post on your social networks - facebook and blogs are fine, but you should be aware of the things you write and the photos you upload (avoid work topics), as they could have and adverse effect on your career.

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