Thursday, April 22, 2010

Resume writing guidelines, job interview tips, our thoughts on career change, and more...

We believe that books can improve your job hunting if you're a job seeker or how you manage your career, if you're already working. We have to admit though that some of the books we've listed down in this blog and back @ are on the semi-expensive side. And so, in an effort to give you quality information to improve your career, we've decided to share here bits of what we've learned from these books.

Sandra Sandu-Reeves gives some of the most effective resume writing tips out there. In her book, Getting Ahead in Your Career, she explained why a resume should be written in the best possible way and shared her tips to be able to do so. Personalisation is the key to resume writing, according to her. A resume should speak clearly who you are; a run-of-the-mill approach will lead you to nothing. She wants you to highlight your strengths and competencies and to include your career goals and inspirations to your resume's brood of information.

If you're an avid follower of this blog, you should know that we love talking about job interviews. And our book-research for the topic so far has led us to formulate these job interview tips: A good job interview comes with preparation. Not just in the wardrobe department but also in terms of answers. Expect common interview questions to pop up in your interview. Answer them well by researching.

What about in terms of career change? As far as we can remember, we've already featured a bunch of career change books in here. And after reading them all, we've come to have a firm stand regarding the issue: It depends. To quote from our latest article, "we don't entirely discourage a career move on, but if you still have options on hand, we suggest that you give your current job another shot."

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