Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little something about career change

They say that happiness is all about being surrounded by things that define your liking. That means, if your job does nothing but stress you out, the thing to do is to replace it with a better one. Everyone you know would agree, of course... that's the common understanding of happiness.

Or maybe not...

Times have changed. And while the definition of happiness remains the same, in today's challenging economy, its underlying principles aren't practical to patronize anymore, as is the case with career change. When we get frustrated with our job, we don't get enough support from the people surrounding us. But we cannot blame them, really. They're just being, well, reasonable.

So what now?

Career change is an affair that should be dealt with in all seriousness. While it promises great happiness, it's very risky. JobsDB.com Singapore's stand on career change is very simple: it depends on your situation. If it can be fixed, do so. If your situation is really miserable -- you have a toxic boss and you are surrounded by over self indulgent coworkers, just mentioning -- don't hesitate to pursue your plan even if all the people you love disagree with the idea. It's your career that you are saving here. Only you can save your career.

But before passing that resignation letter, you have to condition yourself for the consequences. Think about the industry that you want to be in next and then research. Find out if the industry's job market is favoring your plan. If not, find another one that offers better job opportunities. You cannot put yourself into an industry that doesn't offer jobs. Also, update your network. The more people, the better. Networking is a great way to be able to tap hidden jobs.

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