Thursday, April 15, 2010

Industry Focus and Choosing a Career Singapore is not just about providing job updates to job seekers. We've come to consider developing career resources as one of our main goals as a "public service" website. For some people, choosing a career can be a difficult task and so, even though interviewing professionals from different fields can be hard work, we're committed to updating our Industry Focus as often as possible. Right now, we've more or less 100 articles for said section.

THAT, needless to say, was what went on in our heads when were still planning our Career Advice section. We hope that said section had been a great help with your career endeavors in one way or another at some point.

We have to admit though, that we're yet to become the "perfect" place for career resources. There are some things that job seekers are asking for that we are yet to develop, but for the meantime, here are three suggestions can help you decide the perfect path for your career:

- attending career workshops is a great way to meet people from different fields.

- online self assessment tests, while not 100% accurate, can give you hints on what you really want to do in life.

- talking to a councilor will help you realize your ultimate goal in life. They will provide you with a list of suitable careers to choose from after a series of tests.

We also suggest you to do more research. Aside from our articles, take the time to read other websites that cater to your field of interest to get news and other updates. This is to find out if your targeted field is hiring and if you can progress in that field. Singapore
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